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Relevant, easy to access content is not a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. An essential part of any marketing toolkit, creating great content will have plenty of knock-on effects for your business, like brand reinforcement and building trust with your customer.

Getting content with content

But you probably already know this right? And you’ve probably tried doing it yourself. But let’s be honest, creating a consistent flow of engaging, thought-provoking content is a drag. It’s tough coming up with new and interesting things to say. You worry about whether your post will perform and whether anyone likes it, let alone reads it. And making great content is one thing but evaluating it afterwards and knowing how to improve it often feels like a whole job in itself. Does it engage with the audience or lead to conversions?

You start to wonder… is it all worth it?

Finding the right message

Marketing is all about getting in front of your desired audience with a strong message that resonates and generates leads. Sounds obvious right? But do you really know your audience?  Is your data current and is it segmented so that the message you put out is not all things to all people? Strong content should be very targeted to the right people, otherwise it will never hit its mark.

If you build it, they will come

When you have a good strategy in place, and a structured method of attack, the road to great content and measuring its effectiveness can be a smooth journey. And when you make it look easy, it makes your brand look even better.

By focusing on multifunctional content, you can get more value for your effort because the material can be repurposed across various audience platforms. And when it comes to building multipurpose content, video is a great place to start. Video can be spliced and diced for a snippet or a story, it can be even mined for still images. A very hard-working medium, video can make a powerful impact on your target audience.

The medium is the message

As email campaigns continue to fight for attention thanks to the rise of BOT gate keepers, the path has been cleared for other mediums to make an impression.

Podcasts and webinars became supremely more popular as a communication tool throughout the pandemic. They’ve managed to remain in play post pandemic because they can help you rise above the noise to deliver your message loud and clear. They’re so effective in fact, that 58% of B2B marketers now use webinars as a promotional tool.

But on the whole, video is king when it comes to content that cuts through. Read HubSpot’s 50 recent video marketing stats to find out why video works so well compared to other types of content.

But wait there’s more…

So, it probably feels a bit overwhelming right now and we haven’t even mentioned blogs, infographics and newsletters yet.

It’s not just you, most businesses feel this way about creating content. It really is a full-time job that many organisations can’t manage alone. And that’s where we can help. If you’re struggling to create worthwhile, show-stopping content and want to know how the team at Fluro can support your content strategy, then give us call, we’d love to chat.

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