Sarah McEvoy

Operations Director

My bio

I started out as a designer at the agency; back then, there were just three of us. My role has gradually evolved with the needs of the business. I always feel like I’m learning and expanding my skills here. That feeling of growth is really important to me.

I guess that embracing change is in my nature. I’m Swiss German originally and was raised in Spain where I went to an English-speaking school. I came over here to study Art and Design in Leeds as a student.

I thrive on being organised and at the heart of the action which makes the Studio Manager role pretty perfect. Constantly talking to people. Juggling deadlines and budgets. Keeping projects on track. When I’m not at work? I guess I like to take it easy: cycle, potter in the garden, be with the family. As a new mum, life never stands still, which suits me!

Articles I’ve Written

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