Lara Cory

Head of Content & Strategy

My bio

Any writer will tell you that in every great story, nothing happens by accident. Every creative choice you make must earn its place in the bigger picture. This is also true for any great piece of marketing, be it a lead gen campaign or a brand story.

I didn’t expect my background in journalism and storytelling to become so integral to my work here at Fluro. All those years spent finding the emotional heart of a story, learning how to create narrative tension and crafting the perfect headline was the ultimate training ground for my role here as a creative strategist.

Since joining Fluro, I’ve become passionate about strategy, nuance, and the impact of AI on our world. But in the end, it’s people that will always be the most interesting to me; I’ll never not be fascinated and humbled by the ingenuity of human beings.

I have a BA in Communications and I’ve got experience on everything from SEO content and web development to video production and brand awareness campaigns. When I’m not at work, you might find me in the garden or out for a run, but I seem to spend most of my time making salad.

Articles I’ve Written



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November 3, 2023
Creative Agency
Content that hits the mark


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crystals showing growth


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Create Show Stopping Content

Create Show Stopping Content

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July 26, 2022
why storytelling sells

Heroes, Villains and Catastrophe – Why Storytelling Sells

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July 6, 2022
great strategy

Strategic Thinking

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March 10, 2022
Branding, Creative Agency
Why storytelling makes more powerful connections

Why storytelling makes more powerful connections

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October 15, 2021