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Brand Loyalty looks different today

There’s always been many factors that feed into brand loyalty. Trust, saturation, reach and relevance have and always will play a role in building loyalties, but it’s the way people respond to these factors that are changing.

Technology has become the most significant game-changer when it comes to how audiences react to brand tactics. Factors like digital submersion, the availability of information, the increased mobilisation of culture and loss of trust have had the biggest impact on the ways we engage with brands today.


The Relationship between Tech and Loyalty

No one can predict the future, especially when it comes to tech. The possibilities are expanding every day and it’s not easy to predict what’s going to stick. But we can gain insight by looking at the way each generation interacts with technology and the digital world.

Statistics show that brand loyalties are decreasing on a sliding scale with each generation.

And you can’t ignore the fact that the consumer experience is becoming more and more embedded in the digital world. Which means that existing digital marketing practices are weakening our capacity to build and maintain brand loyalties.

So, what are we doing wrong?

Digital Natives.

Being a digital native is becoming the rule over the exception. So, it’s a no-brainer that digital must be a large part of your marketing strategy. That’s where Gen Z live and that’s where the future lies.


People tend to research more today, so it’s important to be as visible as possible in various review platforms and media and social channels. Benefits, features and comparisons must be readily available and digestible for easy compare and contrast.

Value Alignment.

Gen Z want to feel personally aligned to the brands they use. 68% of Gen Z & Millennials consider the products they buy to be a reflection of their personality, values and beliefs.

So, find the points of intersection and tell the stories that matter to your audience the most.


Thanks to fake news, bogus e-commerce, phishing scams and social spaces becoming marketplaces, our levels of trust attention are eroding. It’s no wonder younger generations are less trusting and better at spotting marketing when it’s in disguise. The takeaway here is don’t use dodgy tactics and don’t exploit the trust you do have with your audience.

Stay alert, stay tuned.

Trend forecasters believe that experience, personalisation, and innovation will remain important to building loyalty in the future. And as new technologies continue to emerge, being able to adjust quickly will be an important part of keeping engaged and loyal customers.

Building brand loyalty today is all about keeping on your toes and trying to stay in tune with each generation’s evolving relationship with technology. So, if you need help tuning in, get in touch at or 01628 525 449.

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