What is rebranding and why do I need it?

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Are you considering rebranding your business, product, or service? If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably concerned about when and how to go about it. You know there’s risks involved, but you also know that it’s riskier to do nothing. Regardless of how long you’ve been considering the idea, it’s not something to go into half-heartedly. You should feel confident about your reasons behind the decision and when the right time is for your business. And you should feel great about the branding agency you select to guide you through the process.

It’s not just a new logo.

You probably already understand that a rebrand is not simply a case of giving your logo a facelift. Your brand should be a representation of who your company is: your positioning, your values, and your ethos.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses decide to rebrand;

Our staff are embarrassed to introduce our potential clients to our collateral / website…

If your team is afraid to send a prospect to your website or share your collateral with a potential client, how much business are you losing out on?

We are changing our name…

Perhaps one of the most obvious times to rebrand; a name change is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your brand, identity and ultimately how the business is aesthetically perceived.

Our brand looks dated…

Your brand is often the first impression potential clients will get of your business, so make sure its a good one. A dated “look” makes your business look tired to potential customers and staff alike. Rebranding is an opportunity to make sure your image and message are aligned and up to date.

Our brand isn’t a true reflection of what we do…

If your audience doesn’t understand who you are, why you’re different and what you do, you may as well stop marketing to them. A rebrand done right should give your market a clear picture of what you do and why you matter.

Our material all looks different…

Your logo, collateral, website and marketing all needs to push in the same direction. When your brand is consistent you are reaffirming your image, professionalism and strategic message at every opportunity.

Our competition is getting all of the limelight…

Can you ever afford to loose a customer to your competitor because their branding looks more appealing? Your brand is your shop window and if what’s on display looks unprofessional or out of date, potential clients will assume the company behind it is as well and go elsewhere.

If any of these points sound familiar, then it’s probably time for a change. Give us a call to find out how we can help. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes in a huge range of sectors and would be happy to talk you through our process and show you some of our work. 

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