A Beer Fridge

A beer fridge – really?

Good decision by the boss? Before we even think about the inevitable consumption of the contents, we need to look at what it really represents, don’t we? Is this the age-old symbol of a creative marketing agency that is inherently irresponsible and asking for trouble? A business that thinks it’s just cool to have it but frowns upon its staff enjoying? Or one that is constantly thinking about the working environment and figuring out ‘back to work’ best practice protocols.

Irrespective of the working world we now live in I can tell you that after 30 years of ‘ducking and diving’ in this industry just the sight of this frosted medium-sized box in the Fluro studio is invaluable.

Celebrate and commiserate

Invaluable? Now, there screams the words of someone desperate for an excuse to ‘raid’. Perhaps, but access to the contents can be as a result of a pitch win, a pitch lost, the launch of a new campaign, the saluting of a brand team that has come together, a birth, a death, a story, a goodbye and maybe a cry. Or perhaps it’s just 4.30 on a Friday!!

Never before has there been more need for something in the workplace that can do all the above. Now don’t get me wrong, it could be a pool table, a coffee machine or even a table tennis table, but let’s be honest, these are distant alternatives to that solid and reliable cold fridge full of your favourite beverages.

A little social lubrication

It’s like a dance floor that sometimes you have to be dragged onto but when you’re there it feels like home. Surrounded by people you would normally talk ‘work’ with, but all of a sudden different topics meander through conversations with the fluidity of water being poured from a glass – and it creates a positive energy amongst colleagues, in the workplace.

So here’s saluting you boss – a touch of cold magic.

Adam Donald
Client Services Director

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