Six months of being the newbie at Fluro

I have been at Fluro for 6 months now and can’t even begin to count the amount of creative projects I have worked in this time. These have mostly been fun and varied but I will have to admit there have also been a couple of very challenging projects (120 page catalogues!!), but those are very rare. Some projects can last for weeks/months and others are in and out the door in an hour. Every single day is different which is what I love about this job! However, on an average day I will be working on around 2-5 projects, these can range from printed brochures, branding projects, social media, web design, email design, direct mailers, catalogues, illustration, infographics…I could go on… I’ve even learnt how to code emails since working here – I never thought I’d become a techie!

As much as we all work incredibly hard here at Fluro we also play hard, and there is always a lot of banter in the office that sometimes leads to a lot of (often hysterical) laughing and silliness – sometimes it’s what you need to get those creative juices flowing again. There is a lot of cake and hob nob consumption, even more so when the Fluro bake-off is on! We also take our tea drinking responsibilities very seriously – I can sometimes drink up to 8 cups a day! Beer drinking sometimes occurs after the hours of 16:00 on a Friday (Beer o’clock) and is usually well deserved by all!

When I tell people that I am a graphic designer the response is often “oh aren’t you lucky getting to draw all day”… hmm, not quite! But that is where the creative process usually starts here – with a piece of paper and a pencil. But it’s just the beginning of the long thought process and work that goes into every single big project. The work is fast paced and demanding, but I love seeing the final product and getting great feedback from happy clients.

Even though I’ve been at Fluro for 6 months now I’ve actually been a graphic designer for 8 years but I still feel like I’m learning something new everyday. It’s a fantastic career and Fluro is a great place to work and I feel very lucky to have such a creative and varied job and to work alongside very talented colleagues.

Ellie Jones
Graphic Designer

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