Key steps to producing an effective website

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Parallax, animation, background videos… In a constantly evolving and developing field, it’s very easy to get preoccupied with the most recent innovations in web design. However, the latest trends don’t usually suit everyone and often begin to look out of date very quickly (remember the bevel and emboss phase?!) With global internet usage predicted to pass a zettabyte (one trillion gigabytes) this year, your website is undoubtedly one of your most valuable marketing tools, so how do you keep the focus on producing a website that will work effectively for you, and avoid being blindsided by the latest fashions? Follow these simple steps to stay on-track. Continue Reading →

3 key steps to get your email marketing right

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As with most things, there’s not one answer to this question but we believe there are 3 key steps to getting it right. Continue Reading →

Who said Direct Mail was dead?

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Sometimes you need to go that extra mile in order to stand out from the crowd. Hunts Office tasked Fluro with the challenge of creating a special piece of direct mail which would be sent to high value potential business partners. Blunderbuss marketing this is not…

A metallic black padded envelope containing a luxury presentation box, emblazoned with the words; The Perfect Combination, foiled in gold onto the lid. Once opened the recipient is presented with a miniature bottle of Hendricks Gin and Fentimans botanical tonic water along with a laser etched, brushed chrome bottle opener and a hand illustrated brochure outlining the key benefits of a potential partnership. Under which is a calling card of the Business Development Director who will be calling the recipient in person over the next couple of days. All this is held in place with a luxury felt flocked foam. Elaborate I hear you say. Agreed. But you try throwing this piece of direct mail in the bin without having a read first…

It’s early days, but so far Hunts have received an unprecedented 60% conversion rate (meetings booked off the back of the campaign). Who said direct mail was dead?

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Maindec – The IT Support Company

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We get regularly asked about the range services we offer here at Fluro. One area of expertise that is perhaps less know is our design and installation of interior and exterior signage.

Having recently completed the first stage of a very large signage project for Maindec/CSA Waverley this seemed a good enough excuse to show-off some of our work.

The project consisted of over 15 brushed aluminium signs, as well as frosted vinyl signage, and frosted glass shelving. All were designed by us, then installed throughout Maindec/CSA Waverley’s headquarters in Buckinghamshire.

The highlight of the project for us has to be the 3.5m tall Totem Monolith. Surrounded by an illuminated red wave, this brushed aluminium centrepiece makes a real statement day or night.

If you are considering designing and installing new exterior or interior signage for your company why not get in touch to familiarise yourself with yet another of Fluro’s services.

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Hot off the Press!

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Greengate are one of the last remaining fine furniture manufacturers in High Wycombe, an area which was once synonymous with furniture production. Their beautifully crafted chairs and sofas are skilfully handmade using traditional techniques and materials, which guarantee the high end quality and finish of their products. Fluro were tasked with the challenge of creating a luxury brochure that reflected this. Using satin laminates, gold leaf foiling, and subtle damask patterns we produced an exclusive “coffee table” style book which portrays as much about the ethos of the company as the content which it presents.

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RAR Awards 2014 Finalists

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Fluro were over the moon to be finalists in 2 categories at this years RAR Awards. Shortlisted in both Print Production (under 40 staff) and the hugely competitive Design Effectiveness (under 40 staff) categories, it’s a huge compliment to the team and the work we do here.

The RAR awards are different from any other agency awards. An RAR award proves that your agency delivers outstanding results and the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Finalists and winners are selected based on their performance using ratings and references from clients. Research covers the services provided and also service levels.

Client ratings are collected for criteria including creativity, effectiveness, strategic thinking, client service and more.

Hopefully next year we can go one step further!


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We are pleased to announce that Fluro has been awarded “RAR Recommended” status. The Recommended Agency Register is an independent quality mark voted for by an agencies clients. The clients mark the agency on criteria spanning everything from services and staff through to creativity and results. Its an opportunity for the agency to really learn what they are doing well and on the flip side which areas need a little work! Recommended status is only achieved if the results on balance are extremely high and consistent in the feedback.

We were blown away by the response, receiving an average score of 96.5% over the categories of Client service, Creativity, Effectiveness, Strategic thinking, Value for money, On time and On budget. The team here at Fluro would like to thank those of you who took the time and trouble to give us the feedback. Its hugely important to us that not only does our work continue to “hit the mark” and add value to your business but also that you enjoy working with us!

Busy Bees…

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Sure, the blog is a great idea in principle. Just take 30 mins every week to update the world with the content of your head. Well don’t let the fact that Fluro hasn’t updated the blog in over 6 months fool you! Plenty has been going on in our little heads I can assure you.

So, 2013 has picked up from where an extremely busy and at times frantic 2012 left off! We have been working hard with our clients producing websites, videos, loads and loads of corporate collateral and some major rebranding projects. We have also strengthened our team with new additions in business development as well as 2 new designers. And if that isn’t enough, finally we have given the website a bit of a revamp, I think of it as a quick “pick-me up” for the new year! As always the portfolio is what we have concentrated on, so you will see the introduction of another 5 recent projects which we have turned our creative hands to. Hope you like them!

Free SME Brand and Marketing Consultation

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Im sure you’ll agree that sometimes you can be too close to something to really see it for what it is. People and organisations get very attached to their brand and its relative collateral. We believe that a fresh pair of trained eyes can often shed light on what is not obvious for those too close.

Our free, one-hour, brand and marketing consultations will give you valuable insights into how you can grow your business through correct brand positioning and effective design and marketing.

We’ll ask you the type of challenging questions you never normally have time to think about. Like who your profitable clients really are and how you’re different from your competitors. And together we’ll define the essence of your business brand.

We will leave you feeling inspired and focused on what direction your brand and collateral should take in the future and how Fluro could help you achieve it.

We only have a certain amount of free consultations available every month. Call the studio on on 01628 298775, email

Reasons to REBRAND IN 2012!

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Are you considering rebranding your business, product, or service? If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably concerned about when and how to go about it. Regardless of how long you’ve been considering the idea, one thing is for sure, rebranding isn’t something to go into half-hearted. You should feel great about the timing and the agency you take on to guide you through the process.

It’s not just a new logo!

If you are considering a rebrand, hopefully you already understand that it’s not simply a case of giving your old logo a facelift. Your brand should be a representation of who your company is: your positioning, your values, and your ethos.

The following are some of the best reasons we have encountered that are indications that a rebrand should definitely be on the cards!

Our staff are embarrassed to introduce our potential clients to our collateral / website…

If your team is afraid to send a prospect to your website or share your collateral with a potential client, how much business are you losing out on?

We are changing our name…

Perhaps one of the most obvious times to rebrand; a name change is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your brand, identity and ultimately how the business is aesthetically perceived.

Our brand looks dated…

Often your branding and identity is the first impression potential clients will get of your business, so make sure its a good one. A dated “look” makes your business look tired to potential customers and staff alike. Rebranding is an opportunity to make sure your image and message are bang up-to-date!

Our brand isn’t a true reflection of what we do…

If your audience doesn’t understand who you are, why you’re different and what you do, you may as well stop marketing to them. A rebrand done right should give your market a clear picture of what you do and why you matter.

Our material all looks different…

Have you ever met three people from the same company who all had different business cards and made their own clip-art laden brochures? How professional did that company appear to you? Your logo, collateral, website all needs to push in the same direction reaffirming at every opportunity your image, professionalism and business message.

Our competition is getting all of the limelight…

In these competitive times can you afford to let a customer choose a competitor because their branding looks more businesslike and appealing? Your brand is your shop window and if what’s on display looks unprofessional potential clients will assume the company behind it is as well and go elsewhere.

If any of the above is applicable to your company, its probably time for a change. Give us a call to find out how we can help. We have worked with companies of all sizes in a huge range of sectors and would be happy to talk you through some examples.