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Branding is the key to true and lasting market differentiation. A strong, unique identity will give you a competitive advantage that can’t be copied or bettered. Because in the end, you’re the only one who can do you.

That’s why your brand should be at the heart of all your marketing activity, direct the style of your campaigns, informing the channels you use and feeding into the strategies you use to promote your business.

How we do it

To create a brand that stands out and stands the test of time, we really sink our teeth in when it comes to research and finding the critical insights that build your brand strategy. A robust strategic foundation will deliver a brand identity that feels authentic and confident.


We use a variety of methods to understand your challenges and figure out what the solutions could look like. These could be stakeholder interviews, employee focus groups, customer surveys and interviews, a brand audit (including website, social media), competitor and sector audits.


This is where we transform research into insight. We’ll identify the opportunities to do something differently and find the gaps and overlaps in how you perceive yourself, how others perceive you and how you want to be perceived.


The brand strategy informs the creative brief which helps our design team find the best way to conceptualise your brand and give it a unique voice.


If you’re not connecting with your audience anymore or resonating loudly enough in the sector, this could mean that there’s a misalignment in your brand identity. Maybe your offer has evolved, maybe the structure has changed or perhaps your values have matured. Whatever your situation, your business probably isn’t the same as it was 5 years ago.

Reflecting these changes should be a priority for any business who wants a strong brand that continues to communicate your unique message to your target audience. The world doesn’t stand still, and neither should you.


As a cornerstone, your brand should remain a consistent part of your story. However, it’s also a living, breathing entity that needs to evolve over time. The world doesn’t stand still, and neither should we. So, ask yourself, is your brand still a good brand?


A strong, self-aware brand has immense value when it comes to your culture and your people. Investing in a rebrand will not only build morale and confidence, but it’ll also make recruitment more efficient and help you attract the top talent.


Revitalizing your brand is a great way to remind your audience that you exist and get you back in the spotlight. Rebranding makes a statement about your intention, sending out the message that you’re here to stay, and you’ve got plans for the future.

Our Recent Work


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Our brand audit service will tell you everything you need to know and give you a clear direction for what to do next.

For large brand projects we only need to speak to your stakeholders as a group 2-3 times in sessions that last about 2hrs. The first is the kick-off meeting, the next is when we present our strategic report and the third is when we present our creative concepts. The rest can be done on a 1:1 basis.

We’ve worked with startups and global organisations, so there’s no size limitations are far as we’re concerned.

We’ve worked with brands in the tech sector, oil and gas, education, health and fitness, sports and leisure, and entertainment. However, when it comes to branding, we believe our success comes from our rigorous process and talented creative team. Experience is valuable, but a fresh perspective is invaluable.

Our Services

Fluro is a strategic brand and marketing agency based just outside of London that has the team, talent and partnerships to help you get noticed and be remembered.

We can deliver a full range of B2B marketing services for SMB, start-ups and global organisations. These include branding, campaigns, website design, digital marketing, communication strategy, content creation, copywriting, design, animation, video production, social media.

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