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Infinity Group wanted their brand to reflect them as the truly passionate, fun-loving IT experts they are. 

So, we helped them let their geek-flags fly. 

People Power

Microsoft Partners Infinity Group wanted a fun brand to strengthen their people-first culture and get noticed in the sector and tech communities. 

People have become a strong narrative in the tech sector, so we had to find a new way to tell that story.  

A new spin on things

Infinity Group’s new brand identity wouldn’t just point at its pillars from a safe distance, it would embody them with a bold, confident and wildly different look and feel.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting rebrand, we created a video to introduce Infinity Group’s enviable new style. 

For the love of IT

Infinity Group’s new brand brings smiles to faces, and has become the envy of the community, standing out loud and proud in the sector. 

A new logo and website, branded materials, video content, merchandise and culture book are some of ways we’ve helped Infinity Group realise their new look and feel. And that’s just the beginning…

Infinity eBook
Infinity Group - Website
Infinity - Laptop
Infinity Group - Roller Banners

A new brand identity to embody their values in a bold, confident and wildly different way

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