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Softcat evolved their values to reflect the ‘new normal’ of post-pandemic work culture.

They came to us to find out what that looked like.

Do the evolution

Softcat is a Marlow-based IT infrastructure provider, with offices all over the UK and an Irish office in Dublin. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and partner to over 200 vendors around the world, Softcat is a leading IT solutions company who provide bespoke, end-to-end support to multi-national corporations, enterprise, small to medium business and the public sector.

Softcat place as much value in their employees as their customers. Making sure their people are thriving and always growing is key to their continuing success. Since the pandemic, they experienced a huge shift in the way people were working and the company had to evolve and adapt to the ‘new normal’ to make sure that their staff remained connected even in isolation. This change spurred the evolution of their values.

Softcat needed Fluro’s help to create, implement and roll out their new improved company values to the entire Softcat family. The new values included – fun, intelligent, passionate, responsible and communities – and they needed new visual identities to bring them to life in a memorable and accessible way.

Mockup of Softcat values graphic on an iMac
Softcat Values Presentation Graphic

Say it loud, say it often

The values suite of assets and the ensuing campaign needed to be more than just a launchpad, it needed to support a rousing drive to inspire and motivate every single Softcat employee, from all levels of the business. The Softcat leadership team need to show how everyone can truly live these values now, and well into the future.

The dynamic and colourful value icons were designed to be highly adaptable for use in a wide range of applications.

Softcat Values Infographic

The gift that
keeps on giving

Fluro created a suite of assets for the 5 new identities that will support Softcat’s campaign throughout the year. These included 5 core value logos, a series of explainer videos, pull-up banners for events, campaign intranet landing page, digital banners, document templates and email signatures.

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