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Clark Kent needs a telephone box to turn into a superhero

IT Managers just need Predatar data protection

From zeroes to Superheroes

Humble IT Managers aren’t used to being in the limelight. (They’re not keen on sunlight either, preferring windowless basements, but that’s another story.)
For years, everyone has been taking them for granted, only speaking to them when their help was needed.

But not anymore…

Fighting the forces of cyber crime

We saved the world of the IT Manager with a cut-through campaign that transformed them into superheroes.
Special powers came courtesy of Predatar, safeguarding everything from servers to containers, arming them with the perfect tools to fight cyber-crime.
We summoned all our forces of good to develop a landing page, social assets and a LinkedIn page that was as out there as the Batmobile.

Holy success stories, Robin!

As well as giving IT Managers a swagger they never knew they had, our campaign was a big hit with the client. So much so that they’ve come back to Fluro for a blockbuster sequel. Coming soon, to a screen near you!

Predatar landing page mock up on mobile
Predatar landing page mock up on mobile
Predatar landing page mock up on tablet

You’ve not witnessed true cut-through until you’ve seen our Predatar superhero campaign vaporise the corporate white noise on your LinkedIn feed.

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Predatar landing page mock up

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