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Private hospital OSD Healthcare needed to increase brand awareness.

So, we got together for a heart to heart.

The heart of the matter

Brand new, luxury facilities and cutting-edge equipment in their Hemel Hempstead hospital wasn’t enough for OSD Healthcare. They had something much more important in mind – their patients.

OSD Healthcare wanted their new brand to reflect this important message with sensitivity and style.

Entering a new era

Evolving the existing brand to become more accessible, we wanted to connect with audiences with the overarching message of reassurance and compassion, to position OSD Healthcare as the definers of modern healthcare.

Close to our heart

Our year-long campaign to improve brand awareness increased the overall business growth of OSD Healthcare by 15%, outpatient numbers by 20%, and a 50% jump in web traffic.

We continue to provide them with ongoing strategic marketing support and brand guardianship. We also now provide digital and social media campaigns, lead gen campaigns, event collateral, internal comms and website management.

OSD Healthcare Book
OSD Healthcare Book
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OSD Healthcare Brand Guidelines
OSD Roller Banner
OSD Presentation on Macbook

We wanted to connect with audiences and position the client as the definers of modern healthcare.

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