Buckinghamshire New University

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Bucks New Uni wanted to launch a new student recruitment drive. But Millennials aren’t easily wooed or impressed.

Sounds like a challenge for us.

Buckinghamshire New University

Disrupt the dull

We knew it would be tough to get Millennials to lift their heads from their phones long enough to engage with the opportunities that Bucks New Uni has to offer. So instead we decided to engage students where they live, on their devices, with a great social campaign. In fact, we challenged ourselves to make all the university’s recruitment communications chime together, from their Twitter feed and website to promo material and annual prospectus. One united campaign style that would break away from the formal language and stock photos that drag so many university communications down.

Talking their lingo

For the last two years Fluro has helped New Bucks Uni transform how it engages with prospective students. Our recent Recipe for success campaign proved to be just that with our #JustAddYou hashtag building momentum between online and offline activities.

Snackable nuggets of information are delivered with a vibrant new palette and casual hipster type. Instagram-style shots of real-world student experiences and career ambitions live in a friendly website and fun prospectus. Not a crumbling quadrangle in sight.

Spreading the word

Recruitment figures are up and our client has started spreading the word about their positive agency experience.

Buckinghamshire New University
Buckinghamshire New University

Young people want to engage. The #Just add you theme running through this campaign from social posts to the prospectus encouraged them to do just that.

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