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Content+Cloud enable connectivity, collaboration and efficiency in the workplace regardless of where you are.

Even when you’re in the garden shed, with all the kids studying at home.

Developing new
look + feel

Content+Cloud provide secure technology solutions that help organisations improve the experience and effectiveness of people at work. (Of course, for many, these days, that means people at home.) They work very closely with, and influence, the Microsoft product suite, and they came to Fluro in search of a bold and impactful brand. This included the creation of a coherent brand book, to be developed from a small number of existing assets, that set the tone of voice and direction for the business going forward.

Content+Cloud Brand Book Mockup - Open
Content+Cloud Brand Book Mockup - Closed

Brochures + EBooks

The basics, such as the logo, type style and secondary assets, were already in place, but no deliverables had been created. We were tasked with creating a comprehensive suite of compelling assets including coherent guidelines give the company a strong direction, stationery, a brochure, eBooks, PPT templates, credentials decks and ‘talking head’ videos. The result was a bold, contemporary brand that looks amazing and talks in a simple language to its customers.

Content+Cloud are all about using technology to connect with people to complement their offering, our brand identity was all about using creativity to connect with people.

Happy Customer +
Ongoing relationship

The company were delighted with our work, and we are currently talking to them about how we can add more value to their business in the coming months.

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