Fresh needed a new direction for their digital brand.

We took one look at the brief and headed straight for the hills.

Need for a refresh

Fresh create Digital Workspace Solutions (that’s intranets to you and me) using the Microsoft product suite. They came to us because of our expertise in the tech sector with a brief to make them stand out from the crowd. They were aware their brand had started to look tired. It certainly didn’t reflect the forward-thinking and dynamic approach of the company that was so apparent in our first meeting with them.

FRESH Graphic
FRESH Website Mockup on a mobile phone

Thinking outside
of the office

Our homework revealed that many tech companies use imagery that’s a little cold and corporate. We wanted to flip that around completely and put the user at the heart of all our work, making everything more personal and human. We chose emotive imagery based on exploration and adventure, which represents the freedom the user has to highly customise their Intranet. Using this inspiring theme, we created a whole suite of assets including a logo, a re-skinable intranet, a brochure website, explainer video, event collateral and a credentials deck template.

With technology solutions like this, we find it usually works best to focus less on the technology and more on the solutions.

The adventure

The client was over the moon with the outcome and loved the way we had added the human element and a sense of adventure to the brand. Never, they enthused, has “Fresh felt so fresh”. With no time to rest on our laurels, we’ve already started working on the next project, an exciting launch campaign.

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