When the 700MHz band closed down for wireless microphone users.

Exciting new discount opportunities opened up.

Silence is not so
golden for wireless
microphone users

Everything’s overcrowded these days, even the radio frequencies. Due to the dramatic increase in mobile phone usage, wireless microphone users were recently kicked off the overused 700MHz band, and the government’s Digital Dividend scheme compensated those affected. Sennheiser asked Fluro to create an awareness campaign for this government initiative, while promoting their products that were eligible for discounts on the scheme.

Sennheiser Roller Banner Mockup
Sennheiser Stay Heard Web Mockup

Our campaign was seen,
our message heard

Fluro created a multi-channel campaign that was promoted at events and through social media. Our ‘Stay Heard’ campaign featured a health check quiz so users could see if their equipment would be affected, plus a list of new Sennheiser products they could claim huge discounts on with the Digital Dividend scheme, if it was. We also reminded them that Sennheiser microphones are always the best way of staying heard.

When Microphone users lost the 700Mhz band, 
we made sure Sennheiser didn’t lose their share of voice. 

Pump up the volume

The campaign created plenty of noise with over 3,800 visitors to the site and lots of follow-up enquiries for the range of Sennheiser products available on the Digital Dividend scheme.

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