Hi-fi forums were wreaking havoc on Henley Audio’s turntable business.

So we helped them turn the tables.

Changing their tune

Henley Audio is one of the UK and Ireland’s premier audio equipment distributors. Negative reviews appearing on hi-fi forums were damaging the sales of Pro-Ject turntables. So, Henley Audio came to us to help change consumer perception.

Henley Audio Graphic that says - Take a sad song and make it better
Henley Audio Advert Graphic Mockup on a bus stop

Put a positive
spin on things

To help change people’s perception, it was essential that we communicated Pro-jects USP’s in the various materials. The goal was to draw attention away from the perceived negative features and focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the turntable, and thereby shifting unwelcome consumer perspectives.

We turned the tables on the turntable nay-sayers by inspiring curiosity and engagement. 

Image of a Turntable

The ultimate jam session

Combining well-known lyrics and song titles with a variety of music genres, we had a lot of fun creating heavily stylised digital assets and printed materials to inspire curiosity, engagement and change minds.

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