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The XBOX Game Pass offer from ASUS

With unlimited access to over 100 high – quality games, there are no losers

The offer gamers couldn’t refuse

Gamers who purchased a selected range of ASUS gaming laptops were in for over four weeks of sleepless nights. That’s because, with the offer of an Xbox Game Pass included, they could jump straight into the action with unlimited access to over 100 high-quality PC games for a whole month.

Game on!

To reflect this action-packed offer with more games than you could shake a console at, we created the overall look and dynamic feel of the new ASUS Xbox Games Pass offer campaign. This included vibrant designs for the campaign landing page and the video ads that focussed on two of their flagship gaming laptops the ROG ZephyrusG14 and ASUS TUF Gaming A15 that were used on social media.

Conquering the universe

OK, so maybe just the world for now. Our bold creative look and feel took no prisoners and Asus were so delighted with the results that they decided to change their plans and take the campaign global.

ASUS landing page on laptop
ASUS landing page mock up on tablet

A memorable offer needs a marketing campaign that’s just as unforgettable. For ASUS, this was a winner in every way.

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