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To promote a new technology that was super-complex

Fluro created branding that was super-simple

The forecast is cloud-free

The brainboxes at Edgify have created AI for any device that can create deep learning models, without having to transfer data to the cloud. This means retail self-scanning tills, for example, can tell the difference between a bottle of gin and a bottle of milk or even Braeburn and Pink Lady apples. This will potentially save retailers a fortune in both time and money.

A smart look for smart AI

The technology might be hard to comprehend, but the comms had to be anything but. That’s why we created a website with a clean and simple design, using circles and lines and a parallax effect. No lines ever come out of the circles, reflecting the fact that all the AI learning goes on inside the Edge devices. We also produced exhibition collateral to support the retail verticle.

Watch this space…

One of the surest signs of success with any project is being awarded follow-up business. We are now looking at a web page and social posts to support Edgify’s latest recruitment drive, and we’re also in discussions about creating website pages for the different verticles.

New technologies can leave people glassy-eyed. Our work for Edgify clearly and simply highlighted the benefits, resulting in raised eyebrows instead.

"This is the second time we have worked together with Fluro on our company's website and digital presence and we will definitely continue to do so in the future. They are extremely attentive to our requirements, needs and suited and adaptable to the schizophrenic nature of our ever changing demands and have always approached the tasks with endless amounts of creativity. Our account manager (Hannah) is solution driven, and at times felt like she was part of the Edgify team altogether, working directly with different stakeholders in the company. What we appreciate most about working with Fluro is that they never became a roadblock, hurdle or bottle neck, quite the contrary, they maintained a constant "can do" attitude that made working with them a huge relief."

Ofri Ben Porat

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