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We made new complex AI technology easy to understand

(What’s hard to understand about huge time and money savings?)

AI for better ROI

The tech geniuses at Edgify are changing the world with new AI for any device that creates deep learning models, without having to transfer data to the cloud. This is an enormous breakthrough for many markets, such as retail, where supermarkets can now handle loose, barcode-less products in much the same way as packaged goods – saving them a fortune in time and money.

Cutting-edge tech, cut through creative

The technology might be complex, but our job was to make the benefits easy to understand. That’s why we chose a straightforward animation style for the new website and three animated explainer films, targeting different audiences. We even used a dog as a co-presenter to give the messaging a little bit more bite. We’ve also created a highly contemporary careers page that doesn’t just list the jobs but covers the full recruitment process and benefits.

Watch this space…

One of the surest signs of success with any project is being awarded follow-up business. We have lots of projects in the pipeline for Edgify, including more videos and new web pages. If he keeps working at this pace, it won’t be long before that dog will be able to retire.

Fluro's Edgify website on tablet
Edgify website mock up on mobile
Edgify website mock up on tablet
Edgify retail leaflet

New technologies can leave people shaking their heads in bewilderment. Our work for Edgify clearly highlighted the benefits, resulting in enthusiastic nods instead.

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