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When one of Microsoft’s most trusted cloud transformation partners turned 21,
the founding team knew that the brand needed a transformation of its own.

Time for something completely different. 


Old and new. Side by side.

How do you hold on to the heritage of an established and much loved brand like CPS while renewing it for the next era? That was the challenge we set ourselves when owners David Dunning and Ivan Lloyd asked Fluro to help them give the business they started 21 years ago a well-deserved facelift.

The power of story-telling

CPS had been awarded Partner of the Year by Microsoft three years running, so there was obviously lots the brand was doing brilliantly. We decided to preserve and hero the collaborative spirit that had helped build the business with sepia-toned reportage-style photography showing the team in action. Focussed. Undaunted. Delivering the joined up business impact that their customers love. This was off-set with crisp website design using white space, interactive, jewelled boxes and simple iconography to create a contemporary feel that wouldn’t age.

We also wanted to inject some of the energy and spirit that we knew lifted CPS above other partners into the new brand too. A boisterous animation style was born using vintage music and playful cut-outs to take customers on Monty Pythonesque romp through the CPS universe.


The result is the best of both. An engaging new look and feel that can cleanly deliver mission-critical tech insight while inspiring customers with a warm narrative style. CPS continues to work with us to evolve its communications approach and keep its brand fresh.


Warm, reportage-style photography and dynamic graphics marry to create a brand that’s professional, but never stuffy.

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