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Avery are always one step ahead of the competition.

After working on previous campaigns for them, the latest challenge was in the classroom.

A new test for us

We love working with Avery, and we’d like to think we’re half as versatile as they are. One day we’re supporting their labels for the ‘At home with Avery’ range, then we’re busy promoting the launch of their antimicrobial film labels to help fight the spread of viruses. Now, we’re helping them keep things together in the classroom with their new ‘Back to School’ range.

New range, new thinking

As it was supporting Avery’s move into a new market, there was plenty of pressure on our campaign for their ‘Back to School’ range of labels for shoes, lunch boxes, clothes and stationery. Our work was as innovative as the products. Based around the thought of ‘Love me, don’t lose me’, the campaign used a different illustrated character to promote each product online.


What next?

With their inventive minds, we can never be quite sure what Avery will come up with next. Whatever it is, we’ll be ready to help them make sure their next new range of labels sticks in the marketplace.

Avery instagram on mobile
Avery home and lifestyle range magazine
Avery instagram on mobile
Avery product mock up
Avery mobile screen protector photo

The great thing about working with Avery is the diversity of products we get to promote. We can’t wait for the next challenge.

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