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How did we make this newly amalgamated group of Amersham, Aylesbury and Wycombe Colleges stand out to prospective students?

With a gutsy campaign that they couldn’t ignore.

Buckinghamshire College Group

Creativity unleashed

Anyone can do good marketing to students, but great marketing takes real skill. We wanted help the Buckinghamshire College Group to cut across the noise and create a truly aspirational new communications approach. A campaign that would help their new brand come out of its corner punching. Our initial brief was for a simple prospectus. When the client team saw what we were proposing, the campaign parameters quickly expanded.

One super-powered proposition

We sifted through lots of concepts but kept coming back to one: Futureproof. The idea of students with mutant superpowers assembled as one, fearlessly taking on the world. Invincible. Undaunted. Primed to conquer tough job markets and secure their future. But that wasn’t enough. We also wanted to make the marketing real by heroing real-life students and showcasing the different courses and skills they can arm up with.

An epic is born

The result was a sumptuous new campaign that cuts through the usual outdoor advertising and inbox clutter. We conducted the photoshoot and then our in-house studio worked tirelessly to craft a filmic world you could believe in. We worked with some expert videographers to splice photos and deliver powerful, slo-mo video enhanced with cracking special effects. The results were visually lush, the copy bold and plain-speaking. Our clients were blown away.

Buckinghamshire College Group
Buckinghamshire College Group
Buckinghamshire College Group
Buckinghamshire College Group
Buckinghamshire College Group

This high-octane campaign zaps prospective students between the eyes with its polished ‘FutureProof’ USP.

"The team at Fluro have done a fantastic job with producing key collateral for Buckinghamshire College Group. This has included three prospectuses, a video and related campaign materials. We keep going back to Fluro because as an agency they are an absolute pleasure to work with. The team are very creative, approachable, open-minded and intuitive. They take the time to properly understand a brief and always produce a range of options – so as a client I feel that they have really listened to my requirements and will produce something that works for my organisation."

Matt Brown, Director of Marketing, Buckinghamshire College Group

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