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Black Isle Group gave us an opportunity to think BIG

Leading the way in leadership development with our new campaign

BIG challenges for a new company

The Black Isle Group (BIG) approached us to help get their visionary new approach for professional development off the ground. Even though their offering is truly inspirational, the proposition takes a little understanding, and our main challenge was to present it in a way that was simple, clear and engaging.

What was the BIG idea?

Our initial job was to develop the company’s existing brand identity. To give prospects a good understanding of this unique approach, based around scientific-based NUDGE technology, we created a video that explained the offering in a way that simplified the proposition and engaged the viewer. We also designed a new website which was fresh, clean and easy to navigate. We even made it easy for the client to update the site themselves,
something they were keen to do.

Making a BIG difference

From a standing start, the Blacks Isle Group are already a recognised name in the professional development sector and their NUDGE technology is seen as breakthrough within the industry. We’re now in the process of preparing a follow-up explainer video focusing on what makes their approach so different and so successful.

Black Isle group logo
Black Isle Group leaflet
Black Isle Group Big Approach book
Black Isle group illustration on tablet
Black Isle group illustration on tablet

The successful launch of the Black Isle Group leadership coaching approach is a result of the perfect blend between science and creativity.

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