Your brand is your most powerful marketing tool, so you need a like-minded ally who understands your business and shares your appetite to defy and disrupt.

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Brand Identity is the term for describing the way your brand looks, feels and sounds; the way it lives and breathes alongside your evolving business. A strong brand identity will help you get noticed and be remembered.

Visual elements like logos and brand colours work in unison with your content and tone of voice. Together, they reinforce your core values and brand promise consistently across all of your channels and marketing materials to build stronger brand recognition.

Whether it’s digital or social, experiential, or interactive, brand activation is the marketing technique used to engage and connect with your customer. It can come in the form of events, digital campaigns or promotional stunts and is designed to enhance brand awareness, build loyalty and create lasting relationships with your target audience.

Your brand is the first point of contact with your customers, so being consistent and authentic in the way you present it is important. Your brand is connected to its logo, colours, fonts and tone of voice, and if these are changed, adapted or used in the wrong context it compromises your brand and your reputation.

Brand Guidelines come in the form of a document that works as a benchmark to help you maintain brand consistency within your organisation.

Brand Guardianship is the responsibility of all stakeholders to help achieve brand cohesion across all media and is especially useful when you need to scale up your marketing activities across a range of channels and mediums.

It’s easy to lose sight of business goals when you’re delving deep inside your brand. Brand Positioning and strategy work is the part where you step back, take a breath and consider where your brand fits into the bigger picture; within the marketplace and most importantly in the lives of your customer.


User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) is a way of guiding user behaviour, and it makes a huge difference to the way you connect with your audience in the digital world.

Just like ergonomics for our body, there’s ergonomics for our mind and the way our brains store, organise and recall information. Great UX design considers both factors to deliver a better user journey.

Creating a website is big job and it happens in stages. It all begins with a conversation. Once we know what you need, a plan is drafted which comes in the form of a wireframe (a structural map for the overall design). Design and content creation comes next, and once that’s in place the technical part kicks in. This is when our developers get involved and the website is coded, tested, reviewed and finally launched.

Creating digital content can feel like an overwhelming task, and a content strategy makes this task more manageable. Having a purpose that drives your strategy is your key to plan, create and manage digital content that works. Whether it’s for a website and accompanying blog posts, or for evolving content like social media and promotional campaigns – having the right content strategy and the right TOV in place drives engagement.

The beauty of digital communications is that it’s measurable. Whether it’s website visits, social media engagement or the performance of Google ads, measuring the performance of digital content allows you to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. While the results might not always be what you expect, knowing the truth is essential to knowing which direction you need to go and improving your offer over time.

Campaign & Comms

Internal channels are safe environments where people can share thoughts and engage with business objectives. If there's limited opportunity for verbal communication, a comprehensive communications strategy can help make employees feel valued and show them that their ideas matter.

The goal of brand awareness is to expand your existing audience and educate new ones; to tell a story that resonates and gets remembered. The next step is lead generation which needs a more precise strategy that’s targeted to the specific purpose of bringing in new business.

Strategic insights help overcome marketing challenges and inform the messaging, tactics, and approach. It’s a part of the overall strategy that we use to make sure the marketing is pointing in the right direction. Defining a strategic insight starts with setting objectives and evaluating data. The challenge lies in interpreting the raw material and making sense of it in the context of business objectives and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Whether you’re using video to create engaging content or animation to liven up a website, moving beyond the static image has become a must-have for most digital communications. A video editor weaves a story together with still and/or moving images, using music, dialogue, graphics and effects to enhance that story. A motion graphics artist brings illustrations or graphic elements to life by using animation and 3D motion graphics.

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