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This successful family run business needed a brand makeover to appeal to its client base of discerning international hotels.

We stripped the brand back and remade it, layer by layer.

Exclusive Linens

Waking up to the new era

A generation had passed since the late 1980s when Exclusive Linens first launched as a full-service manufacturer and supplier of luxurious bedroom and bathroom linens to elite hotels. While the business was going from strength to strength, the brand was getting tired.

A balance of style and substance

Prestige looks and speaks differently in the 21st century and the new brand we created reflects that. A sumptuous photography shoot gave us all the raw material we needed (though bouncing on the beds was sadly banned by our Director of Photography). Add elegant design, crisp copy, premium quality print stock and friendly navigation and it’s everything the discerning hotelier could want, rolled out across all the touchpoints that the sales and marketing teams need.

The outcome

This dynamic family firm is in great shape to keep helping the world sleep more elegantly.

Exclusive Linens
Exclusive Linenes
Exclusive Linens
Exclusive Linens
Exclusive Linens

A beautifully engineered product selector book bound in linen: it’s the stuff marketing dreams are made of.

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