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This private tutoring company helps kids reach their full potential

So we helped their brand do the same

Performance-boosting branding

Winchmore Tutors are the only private tuition agency to be awarded the Department of Education’s Quality Mark for tuition excellence. When it comes to their business model, they’re a solid A+, but after a period of fast growth, their brand needed a little one-to-one attention.

Refresh, not reinvent

The owl is the universal symbol for wisdom and learning, so it’s naturally a prominent part of Winchmore Tutors’ branding. Using the owl as our starting point, we created some fun secondary elements with an illustrative style, including a vine graphic to represent growth and development, and 2D vector icons for different themes.

A brand that passes the test

With a new website, brochure, banners and graphics, Winchmore Tutors now have a brand style that strikes a perfect balance between being fun and engaging for kids, yet trustworthy for parents.

A perfect balance of fun and engaging, and a brand that’s fully prepared for a bright future

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