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Connecting client businesses to new global opportunities is Tangent Link’s speciality. So, what did the team do when they needed to connect their own business to new prospects?

A brand refresh was the answer.


Tangent Link

Clarity in complexity

When you have an intricate business proposition and operate in complex global markets, you need to think very carefully about how your brand looks and speaks. Can you add simplicity without diminishing your offering? Yes, you can.

Visualise the USP

We created cut-through with a simple graphic motif, showing the specialist global connections that Tangent Link can help clients make. This marries with high octane, big business imagery and a cool new colour palette to help clients differentiate between key Tangentlink services.


Tangent Link now has a powerful new brand platform for global growth. On and up.

Tangent Link
Tangent Link

Tangent Link is fit to compete in global markets with a simple and flexible new brand that makes navigating their services easy.

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