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How do you honour tradition while embracing change? And more importantly, how do you keep everyone happy?

Through evolution, not revolution


Is it broke? Does it need fixing? Depends who you ask

Law firm Sagittarius IP had an identity crisis. They work in the cutting edge field of medical and molecular biology, but their brand was old, unflattering and didn’t represent the quality of firm they had become. They also had two competing schools of thought: the old guard who wanted to stick with tradition, and the new blood who wanted a fresh new look.


Taking the brand on a journey

With such wildly differing opinions, we needed to walk a fine line between too much change, and too little progress. We combined the themes of molecular biology and star constellations to create a new Sagittarius logomark that tipped a respectful hat to the original, while still bringing the brand up to date.


The best of both worlds

The result is a cleaner, more contemporary brand that’s far more in sync with its innovative, forward thinking clientele. Lifestyle photography balances out the clean, minimal creative to make it much more human and relatable. Oh, and the best thing? Both sides of the business loved it. Mission accomplished.

A significant step forward for the brand, while still paying homage to its journey

"We contacted Fluro for their help in refreshing our brand. We were complete novices in this area but the team at Fluro have been helpful and provided clear guidance throughout the process, helping us to achieve a refreshed brand that we are really proud of and excited to use. I would thoroughly recommend Fluro - they have been great to work with and enthusiastic throughout the process."

Elizabeth Aitken, Sagittarius IP

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