Our 2020 vision

We’ve been waiting for years to use this headline, but let’s waste no more time and get straight to it. We’ve taken the crystal ball out of the cupboard, dusted it down and asked a few of the experts here at Fluro to give us their marketing strategies and design predictions for the coming year.

1. Real people to replace perfect models

Graphic Designer, Ellie, believes 2020 will see an increasing use of real people in communications with fewer perfect models and less photoshop. “This was a movement that was started years ago by the Dove soap advertising campaign and it’s been picking up momentum ever since. Moreover, authenticity is becoming more important in the way we live our lives today. This will be reflected in the ever-increasing trend to show real people in our comms in 2020. We’ll see more spur-of-the-moment snapshots and fewer highly-styled photoshoots.”

“The natural look is in. There will be less pressure to make everyone look perfect with retouching. We’ll celebrate real people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. This is exciting and liberating in so many ways. We’re already seeing stock libraries begin to pick up on this trend and run with it.”

2. Ignore sustainability at your peril

Creative Director, Mat, hates jumping on bandwagons. But, he’s convinced that sustainability will have even more impact on the design decisions we make in 2020. “The horrific fires currently raging in South-East Australia are just one more example that we need to do everything we can to combat climate change. As a design agency, we have an important role to play. All the materials we use in our ambient media and exhibition displays need to be more carefully considered than ever before.”

“Right now, I’m thinking more about the design processes and materials that we use. But the current drive towards sustainability is so strong that it’s going to have a strong impact on the ideas and the look of our designs too.”

“The much-awarded Lacoste Save Our Species campaign immediately comes to mind. On behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the team replaced the crocodile logo with 10 of the world’s most threatened animals for a series of limited-edition polo shirts.”

Lacoste - Save our species

“This campaign resulted in a huge spike in awareness of organisations linked to endangered species and all the shirts sold out in hours.”

3. 2020 – the year of the typographer

Our graphic designer, Oscar, is predicting that typographic work will come to the fore in the next 12 months.

“We’re already seeing work that’s having lots of fun with typography and lots of type-only executions. Ornate shapes that are beautifully crafted, bold and heavy fonts.  Semi-transparent typography and a mix of different styles and variable fonts are all things to look out for in the coming months.”

“A typographic approach works really well in this age where many brands like to be seen as direct and straight talking. We’re embracing this trend ourselves with work like our recent campaign for Bucks New University.

Ingredients book mock upBucks New University

4. Good-bye minimalism, hello maximalism

Graphic Designer, Jackie, admits that she headed straight to Google after being asked for her opinion.
“I don’t know if it was cheating, but I had a scout around and the thing that caught my eye was the move towards super-maximalism. (I didn’t even know this was a thing until yesterday!)”
“Minimalism has been big in recent years. This has no doubt been driven by the increasing use of mobile phones for consuming our work. There’s little room for design niceties on the small screen where simple is always best.”
“Well, designers being designers, there will always be those looking to zig when everyone else is zagging. And that’s what’s leading us towards super-maximalism in typography and image-making to help clients stand out in a world of digital sameness.”

5. Onwards and upwards

We’ll leave the last word to Sarah, our Studio Manager. “Things have been going gangbusters at Fluro recently, and I predict we’re going to continue to grow and grow in 2020. Recently, we had to knock the wall down and extend our offices into the building next door. So, this year we could be looking at putting in a staircase and moving upstairs. Watch, this space…” And no, Sarah, this flattering comment won’t have any bearing on your upcoming salary review!

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