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Fluro might be a relatively small marketing and design agency but we download, upload, update and build large files daily.  If not hourly, then sometimes even two at a time. There is one key player that doesn’t get enough credit in all of this – WeTransfer.

Data transfer today

WeTransfer has been around since 2009 and, let’s be honest, how did we ever cope before? (Please, no one mention floppy discs.)

Hands up if you type a ‘W’ into the search bar and it’s the first thing that appears? Well, we must use this service more than a hundred times a week from photo and video uploads to sending layered design files.

If we’re using WeTransfer this much and Ted’s Techno Design Corp next door is using it that much and every other marketing and design agency in the world is using it too, then the footfall on WeTransfer must be incredible.

So, what makes what they do so clever? Well, they’ve kept their website super simple. You only ever go there to do one specific job or, at least, that’s what you used to do. One year ago, WeTransfer launched WePresent.

Coming back for more

This extension of their offering features a hub of ‘Unexpected stories about creative minds. Curated and created by WeTransfer’. It’s a truly inspiring space to browse and keep up to date with the creative scene. But, with their already huge footfall, why did they bother?

WeTransfer has always had a history of showcasing creative talents through the constantly changing wallpapers on their homepage – they’ve clearly done the research on their users.

WePresent takes this notion one step further by creating a community of artists, designers and animators showcasing their work, their thoughts and their ideas. They’ve created a platform, which is relatively selfless, where people can express themselves and engage with topics ranging from black culture to body hair.

In this way, WeTransfer are cleverly marketing themselves without ever mentioning their own product.

Now, instead of only visiting WeTransfer to do a job, you’re checking in because Bob on the desk behind mentioned a great article he’s just read on WePresent called ‘A tribute to creative minds who changed the world’. This gives you two reasons to visit which, by my reckoning, is delivering 100% increase on footfall.

What does this mean?

WeTransfer has gone from being functional – a trusted tool in the Design Agency’s belt’s – to something which now has emotional value, while still managing to stay relevant to their key offering.

And that’s where we can all learn from these guys. Whatever products or services you’re involved with, it might be worth considering if you can offer added value to your community. Whether you work in Healthcare, Leisure or Technology, there’s always a different perspective to consider. Taking a lateral approach might just be the best way to ignite something new in your target audience.

Of course, while you’re working on all the files to prepare for the launch of that clever new initiative, you’ll be using WeTransfer so often it’ll probably stay permanently open on your desktop. Just like it does on mine.

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