The importance of building strong client/agency relationships

From the moment I started my career in the industry, over 20 years ago, I soon learnt that building strong bonds with my clients is fundamental to long-standing business relationships. Even before I started at a full service marketing agency like Fluro,  I was always extremely passionate about this side of my work. 

Below are my top tips for success:

1) Get to know the client well

At the start of any working relationship, it goes without saying that getting to know your client’s business and their language is vital. All companies are different so, as a full service marketing agency, we understand that every client has unique requirements. While the relationship is on a business level, it’s also important to get to know your client as an individual. This really helps develop the working relationship.

That first meeting you have with them, finding out a bit about their lives, what they enjoy doing and exchanging stories – it’s always good to find things you have in common.

2) Work together as a team

The saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is so true. If you want to work smart, then working as part of a team is a far more effective way of achieving your client’s goals. Having regular face-to-face meetings, and identifying areas where you can help the client, will build trust and a great working relationship.

3) Be realistic with timescales

Over-promising to your clients and then not delivering is a big no-no! There’s nothing worse than letting your client down. By setting realistic timescales, such as how long it will take the client to see their website built, demonstrates that you are in control of the project in hand and means they can trust your processes.

4) Be a great communicator

Effective communication is so important, be it written, on the phone or in person. Ensuring the client feels that you are on top of everything, and available when they need you, is crucial. Keeping in regular contact demonstrates that your client’s projects are important to you.

5) Share knowledge

Not all clients have worked with agencies before, so it’s important that they understand what the agency specialises in and where we can really add value to their business. Steadily building their confidence in your abilities will develop trust and confidence. I always explain to my clients what we did, and why we did it, so it keeps them up-to-date and gives them a good knowledge of the process. It’s also important to pass on recommendations if you can’t help them out with something yourself. Ensuring that you have your clients’ best interests at heart will always pay dividends.

6) Exceed expectations

A great way to build a strong client relationship is going above and beyond what they’re expecting. Truly understanding what the client wants will help you determine how you can best add value. It may be as simple as hand delivering a presentation to their desk rather than sending it by courier or providing them something additional for free. It shows that you’re adding value, and that you appreciate their business.

As with every relationship, it takes time and effort. At Fluro, we pride ourselves on having great relationships with our clients. If you want to find out what our current clients think about us, have a look in our case studies. If you like what you see, why not drop us a line at

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