You might not know this, but we’ve been collaborating with theme parks and family attractions like Legoland for a while now. We’ve become a preferred global supplier to some of the biggest names in the business, and we’ve got some big news to share.

You might not know this about us, but we’ve been collaborating with theme parks and family attractions like Legoland for quite a few years now. Designing everything from interior/exterior graphics for theme parks and hotels to a whole bridge, we’ve earned the enviable position of becoming a preferred global supplier to some of the biggest names in the business.

To champion this seriously fun side of our business, we’ve launched a new microsite, dedicated to showcasing the magic and wonder we create for theme parks and attractions. Launched earlier this month to coincide with the Family Attractions Expo, we’re very proud to share the microsite link with you and shine a light on the hard work and intense creativity that’s been going on behind the scenes.




We all love dreaming big when it comes to creating the perfect website, but did you know there’s a whole lot of technical stuff that can get in the way? Find out how out we made one client’s dream come true.

When it comes to web development, our motion designer rarely works alongside our developer. But when we needed to create a playful, interactive user journey for the website of waste innovators Tracker Sack, the combined talents of both were essential. By generating the illusion of a game, we were able to make the discovery process more fun but without the obstacles of an actual game. Because after all, the goal of any website is to remove obstructions, not create them.

Once Emily, our illustrator, designed the pastel township of Paradise Grove, motion designer Colin and Luke our developer worked behind the scenes to make the web-adventure come to life.

Using the BodyMovin’ plugin, Colin was able to convert animated vector files, which can’t be used on websites, into JavaScript, which can. Then, using JavaScript and conditional logic, Luke created an interactive web application allowing the user to manipulate the action with their mouse. Both Colin and Luke were forced outside their comfort zones for this project but overcame the logistical challenges by thinking outside-the-box and working together.

To learn about the history of Javascript and why it’s the language of choice for web developers, here’s a nifty 3-minute video from Treehouse.


Trackersack game screenshot



When we complete a big project or campaign, we share it with the team on our intranet using the hashtag #BOOM. Read more about the first campaign we’ve ever submitted for an award.

When Igel Technologies asked us to come up with a campaign to highlight the compatibility of their products with Citrix digital solution platforms, we couldn’t have predicted the inspiring creative journey that would unfold.

“Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the highest point on Earth at 11:30 a.m. on May 29, 1953 – it was the highest any human being had ever stood on Earth.”

We focused our campaign on the idea of ‘perfect partners’ and the universally recognised collaborations of Buzz Aldrin + Neil Armstrong, Sir Edmund Hillary + Tenzing Norgay, Mike Jagger + Keith Richards, to name a few. By combining these iconic partnerships with imagined emotional responses to the achievements that have shaped our world, we were able to realise a bold and cinematic campaign that struck a chord with partner reseller and end-users.

We designed and built a total of 78 brand assets that included a video, all format online banner advertising, dynamic landing pages, branded documents and email templates highlighting the overall proposition as well as the specific benefits aligned with the various target audiences.




After a period of rapid growth and the scattering effects of the pandemic, we needed to consolidate our vision and strategy. In response to these changes our Little Book of Big Values was born.

Read our latest blog post to find out why brand values have a profound impact on your business and the people you rely on.


Fluro Values



We said goodbye to one of our longest-serving members of staff last month.

Our Studio Manager Sarah McEvoy waved farewell to the team on the 28th of October. Sarah is now on maternity leave, waiting to give birth to her second child due at the end of November. Celebrating her 10th year with Fluro in September, Sarah is an integral part of our team and while we’ll miss her terribly, we’re also very excited to meet the newest member of her family.


Sarah from Fluro receives gifts

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