How to keep those creative ideas coming…

Staying creative and relevant in today’s fiercely competitive market is a tough challenge for any creative communications agency; deadlines are shorter, budgets are tighter, yet expectations are always through the roof.

When resources are so readily available at the click of a button, logos knocked up for $1 in the blink of an eye and decent stock photography is given away for nothing, it’s tempting to choose the easy option.

But here at Fluro we always strive to be as original as possible. So, how do we keep those fresh creative ideas coming?

Get back to basics

When you’re in the middle of a creative block, it can be hard to know where your next great idea is coming from. Taking it back to basics and brainstorming can help you feel inspired again and get you thinking in different ways.

Try mind-mapping, for example. All mind maps begin with a central concept or idea that the rest of the map revolves around. This allows you to explore a subject or idea using keywords, which trigger associations in the brain to spark further ideas. It’s also something you can come back to and build on at any time, as you continue to work on the project.

Keep an open mind

Being creative requires you to make judgements. But if you start judging your ideas before you’ve let them fully develop, there’s a risk you’ll stop your mind from reaching the best solution. Let your ideas flow and only worry about editing them once they’ve had a proper chance to breathe. No idea is a bad idea, some are just better than others.

My best ideas often come to me in the shower when I’m not even actively trying to solve the problem at hand. The late Karl Lagerfeld said his most iconic designs would come to him in a dream and he’d keep a sketchbook by his bed so he could jot them down.

Get another perspective

It’s easy to become a bit egotistical and precious when coming up with ideas. We all want ours to be the best idea and we love to take the credit. But, as the saying goes, ‘no man (or woman) is an island’.

Talk to people and, more importantly, LISTEN. Ask what they would do faced when with your challenge, even if they have nothing to do with the business. Consult your family or friends. You might even find that a five-year-old child can unlock the problem for you, as kids are so full of wild and wonderful ideas and tend to see things differently from adults.

By collaborating and listening to other opinions, it will free your mind up to a whole new set of ideas; exactly what you need.

Observe the world around you

Inspiration is everywhere; new and exciting ideas are just waiting to be found. We can be so busy trying to solve the problem in our own heads, face down, looking at a screen. If you look up and observe the world around you, inspiration will soon come.

Take a walk outside. I find mother nature is the most inspiring thing of all.

Visit a gallery or flick through a magazine. Don’t just look, really observe and document your findings. They may not seem helpful straight away, but they could easily be the answer to the next brief that hits your desk.

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Author: Jackie Ashby

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