3 key steps to get your email marketing right

As with most things, there’s not one answer to this question but we believe there are 3 key steps to getting it right.

1. Database.
Where did you get your contact list from? Is it a list of people who have subscribed on your website and want to receive emails from you or did you buy it from somewhere? Also, how old is your database? Just think, how many people have started a new job you know of in the last 6 months?

The database is the backbone to any email campaign. Without a relevant and up to date database you’re wasting your time and effort.

2. Content.
There is a reason why people have subscribed to your newsletter. Use it and stick to it. Don’t pretend it’s about one thing and then bombard them with sales talk if that’s not what they’ve signed up for. They’ll unsubscribe pretty quickly, or worse, mark your emails as spam which will affect all your future email campaigns. Keep it brief, simple and have a clear call to action.

3. Design.
Once you’ve got those first two steps nailed, don’t let your content down by sending something out that doesn’t do it justice. Get the experts in. We do this for a living and we do it pretty well. We’ll make sure the code is bullet proof and adheres to the highest standards and has visual impact for your recipients be that on their desktop or mobiles.

So, keep it short and sweet, and a good rule to go by is that if it bores you, it will bore your audience too. Good luck!

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