Fluro Welcomes a Copywriter to the Team

A copywriter joins the team

As we head into 2022 seasoned experts of uncertainty, there’s no doubt that we’re all wondering the same thing; what will the new year hold? At Fluro we’re looking forward to quite a few new clients and some exciting branding projects to kick off the year. But before we look too far ahead, let’s take a look at the changes that 2021 brought our expanding creative agency.

In spite of the disruptions of a global pandemic, 2021 – thankfully –  was a good year for Fluro. After a period of growth we hired our first in-house copywriter. Her name is Lara. She’s from Sydney, Australia but has been here in the UK over 10 years –  and claims to “love the weather”.

What exactly is a copywriter?

If you’re not sure what a copywriter does, you’re not alone, Lara’s own family doesn’t quite understand what she does either. So, let’s break it down; a copywriter is responsible for words. Whether it’s writing the text on a leaflet or a website, proofreading documents or creating the dialogue for video scripts, copywriters are on the job. They have their finger in a lot of pies when it comes to a creative communications. Copywriters generate blogs, create social media content and they also come in handy for building brand stories and strategising.

What does a copywriter do?

In the past we’ve used freelancers, but there’s something reassuring about having our very own copywriter in the house. Lara brings with her a wealth of experience from many years working in digital media, journalism, promotion and communications. She’s worked in-house and client-side, pitched to editors and company directors, written about everything from vodka-caviar pairings to the compressed gas equipment.

How does a copywriter add value?

Before Lara came to work for us, she specialised in music, film and food and wrote for national titles like Esquire, Little White Lies, The Wire magazine and a host of local magazines and online publications. She co-wrote a book about animal music and has been the editor for 15Questions.net for ten years. Lara has also had short plays performed in London and stories published in literary zines and journals.

Like most freelancers though, Lara’s bread and butter came from developing websites, social media consulting and creating digital content and marketing material. So her skills fit nicely with our current scope of work, with plenty of opportunity to add value for future clientele.

Welcome to the team Lara.

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