Finding The Right Agency

We know that finding the right creative agency for your business can be daunting, so we’ve put together a few pointers which should help you get your search underway.

 Where to start?

  • Have you seen a website or a campaign you like? Find out who’s behind it.
  • Try Google ‘creative agency’. Google may not have all the answers, but you might be surprised to find a sh*t hot agency right on your doorstep.
  • Ask around for a recommendation. Word of mouth can be a powerful thing – a lot of our own clients have found us through recommendations.


What is your long-term goal?

Are you looking for a creative agency for a one-off project, or an agency who can take things further and support you on things like future campaigns, a website launch, video and ongoing branding?

It pays to think long-term because once you find a great agency you get along with and they ‘get you’, the process becomes effortless and less stressful for you. As the relationship progresses, an agency will get to know their clients inside out which helps them become your perfect partner. A lot of our clients stay with us for that reason. One good example is Edgify – we’ve done work for them ranging from a rebrand, animations and websites and our relationship is still going strong.

It’s all about chemistry

You want to work with people you like and get along with, that’s just how life is. Try and meet prospective agencies and see if you can picture yourself working with them.

We will always meet a client before we do any work for them. That way we get a feel for them and it helps us see the bigger picture but, more importantly, understand them. The perfect agency is out there for everyone and when you know, you know.


Assess the pitching process

Once you have whittled it down to a few agencies, you might decide that conducting a pitching process is the way forward. This will give you some insight into how an agency works and if you’re on the same wavelength.

Having a good brief is key here. This is the make or break of any pitch, so try and give as much background information as possible and pinpoint what the goal of the project or campaign is. Otherwise, the agencies will be stabbing in the dark and you may not get the results you were hoping for.


Don’t break the budget

This is a big factor. Your budget needs to align with your ambitions and the size of agency you’re approaching. This is an extreme example but a freelancer rate is very different to an agency rate. On the other hand, a freelancer will have a very different and much narrower offering compared to a full-service agency.

Geography also plays a factor in how much value for money you get. London agencies tend to be more expensive so your budget will go much further elsewhere. This might well be the point at which you drop us a line

Having a great agency in your corner is worth every penny and one of our client reviews is testament to that: “I highly recommend Fluro as an agency for their creative skills and approach to partnering. I’ve found them to be highly flexible, adaptable and very easy to work with.” David Bowman at Content+Cloud

Why not give us a try? We’re super friendly, and always happy to have a chat – so drop us a line or give us a call.


Written by Sarah McEvoy, Studio Manager.

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