Small Agency Vs Big Agency

There are so many marketing agencies out there. Where do you start when trying to find your perfect creative partner? One important factor is size. Do the best things come in small packages or does it pay to go large? And how small is a small agency anyway?

In our eyes, a small agency is around 50 people, give or take, and a larger agency is likely to be 100+ people. Fitting into the former category, we believe clients get a more personalised and focused service with a smaller agency. Here’s why.

More Bank for buck

Working with larger agencies means you’re paying extra for a bigger team in their larger offices. Going for a small agency ensures that your money is spent on the creative product and not the overheads, giving you a greater return on your investment.

Quicker Turnaround time

You could be forgiven for thinking that larger agencies have a quicker turnaround time as they have more staff, but in most client’s experience it doesn’t work out that way. How come? Larger agencies need to have more processes and bureaucracy in place before a project even hits the studio. Smaller agencies have a shorter chain of command, are more flexible and can easily be accommodating when it comes to those last minute creative requests. With no red tape to restrict them, creatives in smaller agencies can usually jump straight in.

Access to creative calibre

All agencies, big and small, are likely to have senior and junior designers working on your project, and the size of the agency is no real indicator of the creative talent at your disposal. Having said that, small agencies like ours love nothing better than punching above our weight with top-notch creative campaigns and branding work, like our recent campaign for Buckinghamshire College Group.

The personal touch

In a small agency everybody has to pull their weight, so your Account Manager is also your Project Manager, your Designer is also your Artworker. This leads to a small group of individuals knowing your business inside-out. Working with such a close-knit team develops trust on both client and agency side and allows the creatives to understand the business better, leading to better outcomes.

Greater variety of work

Creatives working for a smaller agency tend to get the chance to sink their teeth into all kinds of projects, rather than just looking after one big client day-in day-out. This helps keep them fresh and makes their knowledge and skill base more rounded. They soon become experts in a number of different areas, and this helps keep their minds open to interesting new approaches.

At Fluro, we always go above and beyond for our clients as we give our all on their projects. If you want to tap into our small-agency passion and dedication, please get in touch. You’ll soon appreciate that small really can be beautiful.

Author: Sarah McEvoy

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