Agency Vs In-House Creative

In the fight for great creativity, smart strategy and an impeccable delivery, we believe there is one clear champion. 

The rise of in-house creative teams has been marked over the last decade as clients aim to cut costs, self-serve and keep IP in house. It all makes logical sense. And after all, who knows your target markets, your products and your internal company pressures better than your own people?

That said, we believe there are significant benefits that clients miss out on when they choose to keep their marketing in-house. Elements so important that running all your marketing in-house is nearly always a bad compromise. Here are a few of our thoughts about what a creative agency can bring to the table that you just can’t get at home.

Welcome distance. It is possible to be too close to a challenge. To miss the wider competitive angles. To be too embroiled in the internal people and inevitable politics to see a project clearly. A little distance, a broader market a view and a lack of involvement in corporate machinations can deliver huge creative and strategic benefits. Objectivity and an appreciation of the big picture is worth its weight in gold.

Cross-pollinated experience. Agencies, by their nature, work on lots of accounts. That means they’re brilliantly placed to bring thinking tried and tested on other clients to your challenges. We may have experience with other companies in your sector or be able to bring ideas from other sectors to yours. Either way, the results are likely to be richer, faster and more exciting. Too many brands keep doing the same thing or talking in familiar ways that everyone is comfortable with. Trouble is, you never travel outside your comfort zone and that’s where the business rewards really lie.

Powerful ideas. These are hard to come up with it. It takes experience, time, ruthless rounds of rejection and lots of people throwing ideas in to the pot. Agencies have tools, processes and personnel to help them approach idea generation in a formal way. They also deeply understand the importance of emotional resonance; of something not just being right but also feeling right. Agencies have reputations invested in doing ideas brilliantly. In-house teams are more likely to settle for good enough. Which, in most competitive environments, really just isn’t good enough.

Insight into new marketing technologies and techniques. It’s an agency’s job to stay abreast of all the latest marketing innovations, techniques and communication platforms. When marketing is your core business, doing that is easy. Conversely, it’s hard for a company that is focused on innovating in its own sphere to also stay at the leading edge of marketing innovation. It’s easy for in-house departments to get stuck in their ways and for a brand to get left behind.

Diverse skill sets. An in-house creative department may have writers, graphic designers, maybe even digital specialists and a Creative Director. But they all only ever do one thing — work on their in-house brand. Agencies by comparison are fluid places. People frequently change jobs, gain new experiences and skills and bring real brand breadth to projects. Because the costs are spread across clients, agencies can also afford to hire a wider range of skilled people. Writers of different calibers, digital teams with diverse talents, strategists and planners, print specialists, event experts, social media gurus, videographers. It makes for a rich, deeper, more satisfying creative mix.

Getting it delivered. Agencies are used to delivering marketing on an industrial, often global, scale. We have client relationships to honour and maintain and have built our business on producing great quality work that meets client deadlines. Doing something for yourself just doesn’t have the same urgency. Deadlines can slip. New projects swamp old ones. People might just not fancy burning the midnight oil to get a job done. Agencies are used to delivering, whatever it takes. Giving up weekends. Working late. It’s in our DNA, which is to your advantage as a client.

Considering switching in-house work to an agency? Come and chat to the team at Fluro. We’re happy to work closely with your teams to deliver all the deep brand understanding you love, alongside the creativity, commitment, innovation and expertise you deserve.

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