Fired up about our new brand

Fluro is nearly ten years old. About time, we thought, for a brand refresh all of our own. When Fluro first opened its doors in 2008 it had a simple mission: to deliver great creativity by building a team packed with talent. A team unencumbered by all the usual agency paraphernalia like limiting internal hierarchies. A decade later and we’ve stayed true to that founding aspiration but lots has also changed.

New office, new tech

Continued growth has meant that we’ve had to explore new bricks and mortar. We’re now in our third office which is already starting to feel nicely snug. We’ve also evolved our approach. Embracing new technologies, innovative platforms and communication approaches that simply didn’t exist back when the agency was started.

Let’s start something.

Our bold new agency story is built around the concept of ignition; igniting the things that matter for our clients and their brands. We have a new tagline to match: Let’s start something. Because whoever you are, whether you’re new to Fluro or have been working with us for years as a client, partner or employee, we believe it’s always a good time to start something new. A new campaign, a new way of working together, a new brand approach, a new social strategy or website project, a new career direction or networking opportunity.

Please watch our new story and get it touch if there’s anything we can help you deliver.
Together we can build the bigger, bolder, brighter future your brand deserves.

Let's start something

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