Geneus; simplifying complexity with persona-marketing

ProProcure enlisted us to design and develop the website for their eCatalogue platform: Geneus. In simple terms; Geneus allows companies to build complicated procurement products with ease, by having all elements in one (online) place. In Geneus’s words: “we simplify complexity”.

Geneus had already identified their customer personas and knew exactly who they wanted to market the software to. From a marketing point of view, this was great, but it left us with the challenge of ensuring ‘persona marketing’ took centre stage on the site.

The nature of the software leant itself perfectly to developing customer-centred communications that would act as ‘day in the life scenarios’. Allowing customers to easily identify themselves on the site meant they could find out how the software would benefit them directly, whilst also allowing Geneus to tailor specific content and features to the individual. This ultimately enables Geneus to design and implement the best and most relevant user experience for its customers throughout the entire website.

This was all great in theory, but how would we make it work effectively? After brainstorming and exploring various routes, it was decided that we would create characters to not only represent the different companies and markets Geneus wants to explore, but also the individuals within them.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 14.24.12

When arriving on the homepage, you are quickly greeted by two options in which to identify yourself by; are you either from an Enterprise or a Supplier? From here you are taken through to a ‘mini-site’ where you find departments typical in each sector, represented by different character-personas. By effectively creating a web page for each of the personas, it allows tailored and specific content to be used.

At the top of the site we have created an animation video for each sector that gives an overview of the ‘company’. It is well known that the addition of video to a website increases user engagement but this also gives Geneus another tool in which to externally market both themselves, and the software.

The benefit of this gives Geneus focussed and relevant marketing content, in which to roll out across various cross-media channels; something a ‘general website’ would struggle with in this scenario. The website has been very well received, and aside from the persona marketing focus, the general look and feel of the site has set it apart from the competition.

As you will have seen above, persona marketing works very well to make websites and integrated communications more effective; allowing them to be focused and tailored to certain criteria’s. You can view the Geneus website here:

If you have a project you feel would benefit from persona marketing please get in touch, as we would love to hear from you. 

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