How to get your foot in the door at Fluro

So you’re looking for your first job or placement after Uni. There are so many guides and tips online, it can be difficult to work out what works best for which agency!

Here are a few tips and hints that work for us.

A great portfolio
Obviously. This is your ticket. Treat it like a piece of work, critique it and be ruthless. If you’re unsure if a project is good enough, take it out, it probably isn’t. Customise it and save a few key pieces for the interview. It will give you something extra to talk about. Also, if you can draw, show us! It’s completely underrated but so important because it shows you can communicate that initial idea clearly!

Getting in touch
A well written, personalised CV should be given as much attention as your portfolio.
Yes that includes it being addressed to the correct agency and using the correct name! It’s the simple things, yet so many people get it wrong.
Look at our website, social media and blog (if you’re reading this while writing your cover letter, well done, you’ve passed the first test), and tell us why you think you’d be great to have on our team!
But for the love of god leave off how many cups of tea or coffee you drink a day, it’s been done too many times! Tell us something that matters to you or you think will make you genuinely stand out!

At the interview
It’s a friendly chat so nothing to be nervous about. We may have our office dog Alfie on patrol, but he’s very friendly too! This is your opportunity to get to know us as much as it is for us to get to know you. So try to relax, be yourself and ask us questions too!
After the interview, a follow up email always makes a good impression.

It pays to be persistent. Get in touch, chase us up! It shows you can be bothered, you really want this job/placement and are keen. We may not always be looking for someone right at this moment but we do offer placements throughout the year. So it’s worth dropping us a line now and again.

Good luck!

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