5 Tips for Creating an Effective Info-Graphic

Info-graphics are a fun and easily digested medium for sharing information. They are one of the most frequently shared pieces of content on the web. They provide a simple means for communicating what could be a complex topic. If you want to get a message to an audience in a way that will engage them, then we have 5 simple tips to help ensure you create an effective info-graphic:

Info-graphic Final

1. Tell a Story – Convey the message as if you were telling a story. Make sure it has a start, (strong title,) middle (engaging visual information) and a clear and compelling conclusion (the end). Your primary aim should always be to educate and inspire the audience.

2. Do Your Research – Before creating any info-graphic, really get to know the data you are working with so you can create a style that will work effectively with it. See how other people have visualised similar information, or get inspiration by looking at other info-graphics on Pinterest.

3. Show, Don’t Tell – An info-graphic is to help make the audience understand information in a shorter span of time. Don’t try and include an entire white paper into it, word count should be kept to a minimum as the imagery will be doing most of the talking.

4. Think outside the Box – Make it unique and original to the message. Capture the attention of the audience by injecting some personality. Is there a different way you can style that bar graph that will make it more engaging?

5. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) – Your info-graphic should be used for conveying complex information in a simple and easily digestible way. Keep it consumable, keep it simple (stupid), and keep it visually compelling.

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