Who said Direct Mail was dead?

Sometimes you need to go that extra mile in order to stand out from the crowd. Hunts Office tasked Fluro with the challenge of creating a special piece of direct mail which would be sent to high value potential business partners. Blunderbuss marketing this is not…

A metallic black padded envelope containing a luxury presentation box, emblazoned with the words; The Perfect Combination, foiled in gold onto the lid. Once opened the recipient is presented with a miniature bottle of Hendricks Gin and Fentimans botanical tonic water along with a laser etched, brushed chrome bottle opener and a hand illustrated brochure outlining the key benefits of a potential partnership. Under which is a calling card of the Business Development Director who will be calling the recipient in person over the next couple of days. All this is held in place with a luxury felt flocked foam. Elaborate I hear you say. Agreed. But you try throwing this piece of direct mail in the bin without having a read first…

It’s early days, but so far Hunts have received an unprecedented 60% conversion rate (meetings booked off the back of the campaign). Who said direct mail was dead?

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