A Sign of things to come

We get asked all the time about the range services we offer here at Fluro and one area of expertise that is less well-known is our experience with interior and exterior signage.

Branded spaces showing the way

From beautifully designed murals to decals and way-finding schemes we have years of experience in the design and application of commercial signage and environmental branding. In collaboration with brand owners, we offer a full range of design services that will bring purpose and impact to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

What’s your sign?

Fluro recently completed the first stage of a very large project for Maindec/CSA Waverley headquarters in Buckinghamshire. The project comprised 15 brushed aluminium signs, a selection of frosted vinyl signage and glass shelving. For us, the highlight of the project was the 3.5m Totem Monolith. Surrounded by an illuminated red wave, this brushed aluminium centrepiece makes a real statement, day or night.

We’ve also got years of experience designing signage and way-finding for entertainment venues in Britain and internationally. Fluro have become specialists in theme parks, rides and restaurants. Our playful, dynamic designs have been a hit with some iconic names in the industry.

What makes an effective sign?

When creating a sign that not only looks great but works effectively, there’s a number of factors to consider. The design must be consistent with the existing brand look, and above all it should be simple and easy to understand. Colour-coding and the use of symbols can help mitigate language barriers at an international venue. The placement and continuity of signs should also be a main consideration in the design process. If no one can see your signs and if they don’t make sense in a larger context, they’re not going to be very useful for anyone.

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