Busy Bees…

Sure, the blog is a great idea in principle. Just take 30 mins every week to update the world with the content of your head. Well don’t let the fact that Fluro hasn’t updated the blog in over 6 months fool you! Plenty has been going on in our little heads I can assure you.

So, 2013 has picked up from where an extremely busy and at times frantic 2012 left off! We have been working hard with our clients producing websites, videos, loads and loads of corporate collateral and some major rebranding projects. We have also strengthened our team with new additions in business development as well as 2 new designers. And if that isn’t enough, finally we have given the website a bit of a revamp, I think of it as a quick “pick-me up” for the new year! As always the portfolio is what we have concentrated on, so you will see the introduction of another 5 recent projects which we have turned our creative hands to. Hope you like them!

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