The Team


Creative Director

Mat has been in the industry for 15 years, working his way up from studio tea maker to Creative Director. He now works on a day-to-day basis with Fluro’s clients on a strategic level and enjoys nothing more than getting his teeth into a challenging creative brief.

Super competitive by nature, out of work Mat likes most things ball related when he’s not being run ragged by his two-year-old little munchkin Sam.

Known in the office for: Turning everything into a competition and his banana shirt.


Studio Manager

Don’t be fooled by the accent, Sarah is Swiss born and bred and has been in the UK for over 11 years.

Starting off as a Junior Designer, she quickly progressed to the role of Studio Manager with her organisational and multitasking skills, keeping projects and designers on track (cracking the proverbial whip).

She likes a challenge, but most importantly loves what she does.

Outside of work she likes to socialise and go for bike rides (not just to the pub) when it’s sunny.

Known in the office for: Her baking skills (Bake-off Champion 2015) and her large bag of roasted nuts.


Account Manager

Elliot has a creative background and graduated with a first class degree in Graphic Design in 2012. Since then he has moved to the dark side of Account Management; enjoying the challenge of business development, overseeing the creative process and ultimately helping his clients to succeed. A true petrol-head by nature, Elliot’s passion for anything with an engine is relentless. When he’s not attending car shows he can be found fiddling and polishing his car of the moment (this changes on a regular basis). Elliot enjoys the outdoors, taking annual skiing trips and regularly visits the Golf course.

Known in the office for: Being a constant source of useless facts and his extra large quiff. 


Graphic Designer

Ellie has been a graphic designer for over 9 years and comes from an internal communications background where she has worked with many internationally recognised brands. She loves coming up with creative concepts and especially enjoys bringing a brand or campaign to life. Outside of work Ellie enjoys the odd spot of travelling (or travelling to an odd spot) and discovering new places (preferably in her little classic mini cooper) when she can find the time to escape the painting duties and DIY that come with owning a new home…

Known in the office for: Queen of Puns, 2 finger KitKats and chocnobs… that’s not a typo!


Graphic Designer

Lou started doodling at the young age of three when she decided to draw all over her bedroom walls. Thankfully she was able to utilise her skills in a more professional way and turned from a young graffiti artist into a designer and illustrator. When Lou isn’t drawing she can be found enjoying a G’n’T with friends, or dancing the night away in a club. Also worth mentioning is that Lou is on close twitter terms with the Mayor of Beaconsfield and has been endorsed on LinkedIn for Crayons.

Known in the office for:  Giggling to herself, and talking to her computer.


Graphic Designer

From a career that began as an artworker for a printing company, Jo has considerable experience across B2B and B2C sectors, for global technology brands as well as start-ups. Whilst she still does a little bit of everything at Fluro (lots of tea making), Jo has gradually developed her skills in the digital field and now specialises in web and UX design.

Outside of the office, Jo can usually be found on a netball court, at a rugby game or out walking her mischievous dog, Alfie.

Known in the office for: The office dictionary and keeping everyone steadily supplied with tea!


Web Developer (in his own words)

Tomasz is a highly motivated creature known for breaking a sweat for every project he’s involved in. His interest in the web development sprouted when he was only 12. Ever since he hasn’t turned his eye away from the industry, which allowed him to grow a significant skill set in building any size websites. He is fearless of challenges, boils in self-confidence and handles the time pressure like a hundred years old oak in the wind (I know you just cracked a smile).

Known in the office for: His raw and unconditional love for a Polish sausage.


Sales Manager

John was born a long time ago, in a land far away that was covered in moss and stones. With no brothers or sisters, he decided to talk to any person or creature that crossed his path in an attempt to make them his best friend, no matter how large or small. As he grew older, an odd device became attached to his ear allowing him to speak with people from many other lands without them seeing him. Many strange and wonderful conversations could be had without rebuke. At the end of this daytime activity whisky would be used to numb the senses and any memory of nasty people.

Known in the office for: The 4 finger Kit Kat (not a euphemism).


Hailing from Northern Ireland, Diane is not your run of the mill accountant… She has 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 houses and 2 husbands (OK, that last bits a lie). When she’s not at her desk keeping the books under control, she can be found (or not) travelling the globe sampling different tastes and cultures from the safety of her 5 star luxury hotel room.

Known in the office for: Breaking every single office printer she has ever come into contact with.


Account Director

Vicky has been in the industry for 17 years, working her way up in client services to Account Director.

She loves nothing more than delivering creative campaigns that bring a huge smile to her clients faces. Super passionate about building strong client relationships where collaboration can really take the project to the next level. One team – one goal! Outside of work, Vicky keeps fit by chasing her 2 young boys around and squeezing in some retail therapy when they allow!

Known in the office for: Loud laughing and drinking hot chocolate!


Graphic Designer

After graduating with a degree in illustration, her passion for hand drawing soon turned into a love for designing work for both print and digital media. As one of the more junior members of team, she is learning the ways of agency life and the techniques of the fast paced industry. Outside of work, Emily is a keen follower of sport and has even been spotted doing the odd running event herself!

Known in the office for: Not drinking tea and excuses why not to go running!


Motion Graphics and video

With 15 years hard graft behind him (and 2 kids) Ollie is beginning to grow into his looks. With his youth and flowing locks long gone, Ollie is left to concentrate on what he does best… motion graphics. Ollie has produced work for Jaguar Landrover, McLaren, Natwest and the BBC amongst other prestigious clients.

Known in the office for: Slip on shoes and big lunches.