Corporate Comms

Whenever you go out into the market to communicate, you have one challenge that, above all, you must meet; to truly engage your audience. That means capturing their imagination.

The golden rules are: be informative, be true to your organisation’s values and aims, be relevant to your customers’ needs and wants, and finally, be heard above the noise that is ever-present in every marketplace.

Our particular expertise lies in our ability to ally creativity with rationale. Our first question is always ‘what’s the objective?’ and once that’s understood we have the key. Add the imagination of our planners (the accumulated knowledge and experience of thousands of successful communication campaigns) to the visual inspiration of our talented designers, and the recipe is largely complete.

But corporate communications is a huge category, covering advertising in all its forms, statutory documents like annual reports, good old-fashioned direct marketing and all else, across all media types. That breadth requires that your agency be flexible, possess a range of skills and experience and, through all of these technical necessities, remain creative and bright – because your audience deserves to be engaged. Capture their imagination – just like these examples did.

Boring your audience is unacceptable but, equally, crass and ill-thought out communications are rarely the answer. Hard working and effective communications needn’t be dull – in fact mustn’t be dull – so rely on Fluro to tell your story with clarity and flair.

Our Corporate Comms Projects

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