Geneus; simplifying complexity with persona-marketing

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Geneus; simplifying complexity with persona-marketing

ProProcure enlisted us to design and develop the website for their eCatalogue platform: Geneus. In simple terms; Geneus allows companies to build complicated procurement products with ease, by having all elements in one (online) place. In Geneus’s words: “we simplify complexity”.

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Top 5 go-to places for design inspiration

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An agency environment is very fast paced and requires you to use your creative brain day in day out, but do you ever find you’re struggling for inspiration or stuck in a bit of a design rut? It’s completely normal and every creative experiences the occasional day like this, which is why it’s good to keep your eye on the latest design trends. Continue Reading →

Hand Drawn Typography – Illustrating letterforms

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Hand Drawn Typography

Hand drawn typography has become a popular art form in recent times, as the use of handmade has become more desirable. Hand drawn letter forms inject a playful and fun personality into our lives and can be used in a variety of design disciplines: editorial illustration, sign making, publishing, online, packaging and even large advertising campaigns. Continue Reading →

Onwards and upwards…

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Mat's Blog

Right it’s time for some good old fashioned self appreciation. 2016 has been pretty awesome for Fluro so far. We had 4 nominations at the RAR awards earlier in the year (although no win!). We were then ranked no15 in the Drums Design Census 2016 based on client satisfaction and only last week listed as one of the top 25 Independent agencies in the country (under 25 staff)! Phew!

Other highlights include the design of the National Film & Television Schools Gala Ball, a complete brand overhaul and suite of 6 websites for leading clinical diagnostics group; Novacyt, and a quirky trio of illustrated animations for procurement software platform; Geneus.

We are really proud of our achievements to date and rest assured with some exciting new additions to the already fab team, will be pushing harder on all fronts next year!

If you would like to work with a no-nonsense creative team, hungry to help then give us a shout!

“It’s more than just learning how to make a Brilliant Cuppa!”

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I am about to go into my final year at Newcastle University, and have therefore naturally started to construct a picture of my future outside the bubble of university. I have always envisioned myself working within a creative sector, where I can combine my degree in English Literature, with my art foundation. So, when I was given the opportunity to be an intern at Fluro, I was extremely excited!

The life of an intern is much like the creative process of ‘design thinking’. It’s all about empathising with your target audience, so that you can develop innovative ways of selling yourself and standing out in a highly competitive, ever-changing world.

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The many micro-jobs of the small agency designer

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When you think of the skills and day-to-day tasks of a graphic designer, much of it is stereotyped: drawing, Adobe Creative Suite, laying text out nicely on a page, brainstorming with post-it notes and giant notice boards whilst sitting on brightly coloured bean bags, making cups of tea… the list goes on. What people don’t always realise, however, is that agencies are extremely busy and demanding environments to work in, and when you’re part of a small work-force in particular, your job requirements go well beyond the work you do on screen. Some might call it multi-tasking, but I prefer to think of it as having a multitude of ‘micro-jobs,’ as each requires a very different set of skills from the others. Here are a few (that they don’t tell you about in college)…

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How to get your foot in the door at Fluro

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So you’re looking for your first job or placement after Uni. There are so many guides and tips online, it can be difficult to work out what works best for which agency!

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Fluro’s New Office

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At the start of February Fluro moved from our quirky Beaconsfield office to 1100sqft of prime Bourne End real estate.

Being a creative design agency we felt it was time to have an office that reflects what we do, so set about designing and planning out our new home.

The lure of park benches, artificial grass and a working bar was hard to ignore, but was eventually axed in favour of what we call ‘bringing Beaconsfield to Bourne End’. Blank walls and tired carpets were out, exposed brick and wood flooring was in.

Whilst the build was happening we captured the various stages and have made it into a short video.



If you like the look of our new home, why not come and see us. You never know, you might be offered a biscuit or two.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Six months of being the newbie at Fluro

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I have been at Fluro for 6 months now and can’t even begin to count the amount of creative projects I have worked in this time. These have mostly been fun and varied but I will have to admit there have also been a couple of very challenging projects (120 page catalogues!!), but those are very rare. Some projects can last for weeks/months and others are in and out the door in an hour. Every single day is different which is what I love about this job! However, on an average day I will be working on around 2-5 projects, these can range from printed brochures, branding projects, social media, web design, email design, direct mailers, catalogues, illustration, infographics…I could go on… I’ve even learnt how to code emails since working here – I never thought I’d become a techie! Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Info-Graphic

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Info-graphics are a fun and easily digested medium for sharing information. They are one of the most frequently shared pieces of content on the web. They provide a simple means for communicating what could be a complex topic. If you want to get a message to an audience in a way that will engage them, then we have 5 simple tips to help ensure you create an effective info-graphic: Continue Reading →