Fluro’s New Office

April 14, 2016 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

At the start of February Fluro moved from our quirky Beaconsfield office to 1100sqft of prime Bourne End real estate.

Being a creative design agency we felt it was time to have an office that reflects what we do, so set about designing and planning out our new home.

The lure of park benches, artificial grass and a working bar was hard to ignore, but was eventually axed in favour of what we call ‘bringing Beaconsfield to Bourne End’. Blank walls and tired carpets were out, exposed brick and wood flooring was in.

Whilst the build was happening we captured the various stages and have made it into a short video.



If you like the look of our new home, why not come and see us. You never know, you might be offered a biscuit or two.

We hope you enjoy the video.